Dr. Ocean

4 Hours

Enjoy our floating mattresses, while listening to the beautiful melodies that have been previously selected to provide you with an atmosphere of peace and total relaxation. Enjoy a natural body exfoliation, so the two different massage modalities that we offer: the traditional way with a masseuse and the electronic massage tables that can provide you with multiple benefits. These massages will help your body release tension, stress and muscle pain. Get ready to enjoy our electronic ionization machines, which will help you eliminate all the toxins from your body. Finally, enjoy a snack in our exclusive sea restaurant, before relaxing on the upper deck of our spa on the way back to base.

Doctor Fish Ocean Spa gives you the opportunity to combine the marine environment with multiple activities, which will make you feel revitalized and renewed at the end of the day. Start this experience by visiting some very special dermatologists, known as Doctor Fish, who with a delicate movement of their bodies and jaws (without teeth) naturally exfoliate your feet, leaving your skin completely regenerated.

Participate in bio-pilates, a new exercise system that will help you replace the energy that we lose daily.

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